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Donut Worry, Be Happy!

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy donuts... & that's kind of the same thing.

What is your perfect donut?

With a hole in the middle?

Filled with creme, fruit, or custard?

Topped w/ sprinkles or no sprinkles?

Original glazed or something different?

Whatever your delicious donut choice may be, you can never really go wrong with what you pick!

Speaking of donuts, my all-time favorite is the maple bacon donut! I was super skeptical of this combination at first because it sounded weird to me, but never judge a book by its cover... since now it’s my go-to donut everywhere I go!

Maybe it’s the soft cakey donut underneath the sweet maple glazed or the subtle saltiness of bacon bits on top.. I don’t know what it is, but each bite you take is the perfect balance between sweet & salty — leaving you wanting more.

Are you craving for donuts now? #sorrynotsorry

Well, you’ve come to the right spot if you’re looking for scrumptious donuts that are local to ABQ! Here are a few of my fave donut spots around here & what makes them so special!

The place where I fell in love with the maple bacon donut.. literally!

If you're lucky, you'll get to try one when the brioche is perfectly cooled down & it is freshly glazed off with maple & topped with bacon bits.. DELICIOUS! There's something about a fresh & warm donut that hits a little differently; it feels like it was just made for you!

Not only do they do their oh-so-yummy maple bacon donut well -- their whole selection is worth a try too! They rotate their flavor selection monthly, so there's always a little something for everyone.

You wanna know what else is awesome about this place? The chai is hands down one of the best I've ever had! Also, they source their coffee locally too... can they get anymore perfect?!

I absolutely adore this place! They serve great donuts & coffee, but they're also right by my house!

You have to try the original glazed donut here! It is hands down one of the best glazed donuts I've ever laid my hands on. Krispy Kreme & Dunkin' got nothin' on them! Like Bristol, if you're lucky enough, you'll also get to try a freshly glazed donut... & let me tell you, it is life-changing!

Okay, enough about glazed donuts... they also have a rotation of monthly flavors too. Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, they taste delicious as well! My current favorite on their rotation at the moment is the lemon lavender!

They also serve drinks to accompany with your donuts -- the caramel macchiato is one of my go-to faves when stopping by for donuts & coffee here.

  • The Witching Flour Bakery (her Instagram page)

Before I begin with this one, this one is a very unique one to our local community... Kelly, the owner & the one who makes all these beautiful creations come to life, does a fantastic job at it!

Any-who, moving on! I haven't had the chance to meet the owner in person just yet, but I have met a few of her creations while studying at a few of my favorite coffee shops (you can find that list here)... so I guess that's close enough!

One of my favorite things about her goodies is that they are unique flavor combinations that incorporates things we're already familiar with, but adding a delicious twist to it. The last donut I've had from her would be something along the lines of mango and chile powder like a mangonada... although I was very on-the-fence about trying it, but convinced myself to because I do love mangonadas, I wasn't disappointed at all!

Not only does she do only donuts, but she also does other baked goodies like cruffins (croissant + muffin), danishes, actual croissants, cakes, & more!

Definitely check out her Instagram page because it's worth looking at & drooling over!

Wanna know what else is cool? MINI DONUTS! Yes, you heard (maybe read) that right!

The first time I was here, I was blown away by the fact that how can such a small donut pack so much flavor... these donuts are super small, like bite-sized... but, they are decorated & topped off so beautifully! Truly a work of art!

They have a wide variety of flavors all with pun intended names! My favorite part besides the donuts, is definitely the interior! Before COVID-19 happened, they had specific themes where they'd decorate the place to fit the theme as well as have special donuts for the occasion.

If you love donuts, mini things, & cute puns, this is the place for you! I can't wait to get my hands on some more mini donuts -- it's definitely been awhile!

(disclaimer: due to current guidelines regarding COVID-19, these donut spots are enforcing social distancing + face masks + curbside/takeout options... if you do go, please respect their decision on this matter! Not only is it important to support local, but to also do it in a safe manner!)

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