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It's a Brew-tiful Day in the Neighborhood

procaffeinating [pro-kaf-e-nate-ing] noun. -- the tendency to not start anything until you've had coffee.

What is your morning routine often like?

  1. Waking up to dreadful sound of your alarm (insert iPhone alarm tone here)

  2. Reaching for your phone to scroll thru social media like it's your morning newspaper

  3. Dragging yourself out of bed to get ready for the rest of the day

Whatever it may be, the day doesn't really start until you've had that first sip (or cup, definitely not judging here!) of coffee.

Being a full-time college student (currently finishing up the last semester of my undergrad after changing my major like 6 times...), coffee is definitely essential to me. I have a habit of always making a stop to get coffee before I'm on my way to class in the mornings -- sometimes, I'd take the risk to be a wee bit late to class just because I needed to get that cup of coffee.

With so many new local coffee spots popping up around town, it may be a little overwhelming & difficult to hunt down the perfect cup for your caffeine needs... luckily for you, I've compiled a short list of local spots here in ABQ worth checking out + why I love them so much! ~

I remember trying out this spot for the very first time when they just opened & already knew that I was going to come back for one very obvious reason... honey lavender latte! (get it iced w/ oat milk -- the best thing ever!)

I've found myself frequenting this spot more often as one of my top favorite study spots here in town. Josh & Matt, the awesome owners + amazing baristas, are the most kindhearted & friendliest souls ever! They give great drink recommendations for whatever mood you're in & you will never be disappointed at all! The atmosphere of this shop is very welcoming as well & they treat you like family.

Aside from all that, the best part is that they also have delicious local goodies from The Witching Flower Bakery & Much Ado About Muffin to pair w/ your handcrafted drink!

Let me tell you something about this one real quick... it's a food truck, but instead of food... it's coffee! How freakin' cool is that?!

I have just recently stumbled upon this awesome discovery while attending a food truck event that happens every week at the park. I've gotten a chance to try a few things off the menu, but there is one thing that has me hooked... the maple nitro cold brew.

The owner, Michael, serves up the most delicious concoctions... especially that maple nitro cold brew. Word has it that he's spent over 10 years perfecting that recipe.. so you bet it's the best cold brew you'll ever sipped! He also has a nitro maple cold brew float that is equally as delicious! Either way, you won't be disappointed with or without ice cream scoop... (I'm currently daydreaming about that cold brew as I write this).

Fun fact: this was the very first coffee shop I've visited after I got my own car!

This petite & picturesque coffee shop has a very home-y, comfortable atmosphere to it. Greg, the owner, is the reason why I keep coming back here. He makes the most perfect iced vanilla latte, EVER! A very good afternoon pick-me-up especially after a long day of classes!

Although the shop is a little small & can accommodate a few individuals at a time, it's still a good study spot as well! I usually take my friends from out-of-state here because most of them seem to like it a lot!

Remember what I said about study spots earlier? Well, this is my top favorite study spot!

They have 2 convenient locations (Nob Hill & Heights ) to get your coffee fix wherever you are. The interior is super cute & it is very spacious, lots of space to get some studying done by yourself or with a small group. On a typical school day, I spend about 4-6 hours here studying... (because college is really sitting in different places with your laptop out, if you know what I mean).

I've tried almost everything here on the menu, but my most favorite is the Little Bear Latte -- it's basically a latte w/ honey + vanilla mixed in, it's the perfect cup! (don't forget the ice!) On days where I don't feel like having coffee, their chai is also to die for! They have also just released a new merch collection & everything is super cute!

Oh! & they also have delicious donuts from Bristol Doughnut to accompany your drink of choice -- a very delicious combo, if I do say so myself!

(disclaimer: due to current guidelines regarding COVID-19, these coffee spots are enforcing social distancing + face masks... if you do go, please respect their decision on this matter! Not only is it important to support local, but to also do it in a safe manner!)

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